Lost Coast Longboarding is about adventure, exploring, and enjoying life. All of the products from Lost Coast Longboarding are hand crafted by a husband and wife team while living full time in an RV. 

We started Lost Coast Longboarding and we began screen printing our own t-shirts while we lived in Humboldt, CA. (The Lost Coast) 

Humboldt is well known for people coming and going, and living off the land. Since we have moved from Humboldt, we now run our shop full time while living in our RV. Each board is hand painted and each shirt is silk screened by us while we roam. 

While we travel we spend a lot of time finding awesome longboard spots around the country. We find smooth streets, long paths, skate parks, and of course, we bombs some hills. You can read all about our longboard adventures on our blog The Lost LongboarderThe Lost Longboarder has a new article posted every other week about our adventures. 

When we are not longboarding we love to explore the world around us. We find some pretty awesome things and some amazing places. The Lost Longboarder has articles about our explorations, too!

Thank you for finding Lost Coast Longboarding and we would love to make your next board or longboarding t-shirt! If you have any suggestions on places we should go or events we should attend, please feel free to leave comments on the blog or at our contact page. Thanks for your support! May the streets be kind to your wheels!